Pulp’s Lurid Past: Girlie Images

Back in the early part of the 20th century, pulp magazines began to emerge with scandalous images of thinly clad women in lingerie, and they were a hit. But one group of people the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice was not too happy. The “girlie” pulp world was fraught with sex filled stories, nude photography and scantily clad females.

In 1925, the group went after Artists and Photography magazine for their pictures and then again in 1930 they forced Harold Hersey to put down images of violence and gangs.


SeptemberMorn racketeer_and_gangland_stories_193206BT_c1935SS_1936_09


Pulp Fest 2013

Yes it’s that time of the year for Pulp people-pulpfest is on the horizon and this year we are going to be there! Pulpfest is a summer pulp con in their words and it’s a great time. The event takes place in Columbus, Ohio and this year it will be at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. It’s for all fans of pulp fiction and art. Are you a fan? Then get thee to the Pulpfest.

Buyers, sellers, fans and special guests will be there. Plus, Pulp Images is going too. Guess what? We are going to be promoting our Kickstarter Campaign, you know the one where we want to promote and salvage over 19000 images? Yeah, remember that?

We are going to expose you all to the world of sexy pulp images and art from the twentieth centuy. Right now the pulp presenters includes the list below taken from Pulpfest’s perfect programming lineup.


PulpFest 2013 PreliminaryPulpFest is proud of the variety of presentations it offers our attendees. All scheduled activities take place in the Fairfield Room located on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency Columbus. Visit our website often to stay tuned about our plans for PulpFest 2013. Our themes will revolve around Doc Savage and the Pulp Heroes of 1933 and the centennial of Sax Rohmer’s Dr. Fu Manchu and the Yellow Peril Genre of Pulp Fiction.

To stay informed about our programming, please subscribe to our email updates via the “E-mail List” box found on our home page. Announcements will also be posted to our Facebook page so be sure to “like” us. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Below is the tentative schedule for our2013 convention.

Thursday, July 25th

4:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Dealer Set-Up – the dealers’ room will be open only to dealers to assemble their displays

4:30 PM – To be announced – Curator Eric Johnson may arrange a presentation at Ohio State’s Thompson Library

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Early Registration– general members and dealers will be able to register for PulpFest

Evening Programming

8:00 PM – The Pulp Descendents of Fu Manchu – Rick Lai discusses the influence of Sax Rohmer’s devil doctor on the pulps with a look at villains such as Wu Fang, Shiwan Khan, and The Blue Scorpion from Peter the Brazen

9:00 PM – Hollywood and the Hero Pulps– Blood ‘n’ Thunder editor Ed Hulse looks at The Spider’s WebColumbia Picture’s classic serial, and Hollywood’s other attempts to bring the pulps to the silver screen

10:00 PM – The Spider’s Web – Chapters 1 – 5 of the 1938 Columbia Picture’s serial starring Warren Hull as “The Master of Men” and Iris Meredith as his beloved, Nita Van Sloan

Friday, July 26th

9:00 AM – 5 PM – Wheeling and Dealing– the dealers’ room will be open to all

1:00 PM – The New Fictioneers – William Patrick Maynard will read from his upcoming Fu Manchu novel, a work in progress

2:00 PM – The New Fictioneers – Mark Halegua turns St. Nick into a 1930s-style crimefighter in “The Night Before Christmas” and then offers his “Red Badge Attacks,” co-written by Andrew Salmon forAirship 27

3:00 PM – The New Fictioneers – FarmerCon panelists Win Scott Eckert and John Small offer a variety pack of fiction including John’s tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Philip José Farmer, “The Bright Heart of Eternity”

Evening Programming

7:25 PM – Welcome to PulpFest – Jack Cullers offers an official welcome

7:30 PM – The Mad Goblin and His Apocalyptic Life – our FarmerConpanelists – Win Scott Eckert, Christopher Paul Carey, Art Sippo, and Rick Lai –  will discuss Philip José Farmer’s Doc Savage-related work

8:30 PM – Doc Savage and the Pulp Heroes of 1933 – Nick Carr, Don Hutchison, Will Murray, and Garyn Roberts join Blood ‘n’ Thunder editor Ed Hulse for a look at eighty years of “The Great Pulp Heroes”

9:30 PM – Walter Baumhofer: King of the Pulps – pulp art historian David Saunders presents a look at the life and work of the artist who brought to life The Man of Bronze, The Master of Men, Pete Rice, and other pulp heroes

10:30 PM – The Spider’s Web – Chapters 6 – 10 of the 1938 Columbia Picture’s serial in which The Spider faces off against The Octopus, a criminal mastermind bent on crippling the nation through a wave of terror

Saturday, July 27th

9:00 AM – 5 PM – Wheeling and Dealing– the dealers’ room will be open to all

1:00 PM – The Future of New Pulp Fiction– moderator Ron Fortier is joined by five new writers inspired by the pulp fiction of yore – Jim Beard, Win Scott Eckert, Rick Lai, Frank Schildiner, and Art Sippo

2:00 PM – Radio Archives’ Roger Price will be reading from Will Murray’s Skull Island, recently released as an audiobook. Both Will and Roger will be available for questions following the reading

3:00 PM – The New Fictioneers – Jim Beard, a columnist for the Toledo Free Press and a freelance writer, will read fromCaptain Action: Riddle of the Glowing Men, Monster Earth, and Sgt. Janus: Spirit-Breaker

Evening Programming

7:30 PM – PulpFest 2013 Business Meeting – all members are invited to ask questions and offer suggestions at this session

7:50 PM – 2013 Munsey Award Presentation – Matt Moring of Altus Presswill present this year’s Munsey Award

8:00 PM – Fu Manchu and the Yellow Peril Pulps – Blood ‘n’ Thunder editor Ed Hulse is joined by Win Scott Eckert, Don Hutchison, Nathan Madison, William Patrick Maynard, and Will Murray for a discussion of Sax Rohmer’s infamous creation and the character’s influence on the pulps and popular culture

9:00 PM – Hero Pulp Premiums and Promotions – Chris Kalb takes us back to a time when a dime not only bought a pulp magazine filled with thrills, but also aSpider Ring or a membership to Friends of the Phantom

9:30 PM – Saturday Night at the Auction– auctioneers John Gunnison and Joe Saine complete the sale of pulp researcher Albert Tonik’s substantial collection, plus various lots from the convention’s regular consigners

11:30 PM – The Spider’s Web – Chapters 11 – 15 of the 1938 Columbia Picture’s serial directed by James W. Horne and Ray Taylor in which The Spider unmasks the nefarious Octopus and wins the day for the good old USA

Sunday, July 28th

Daytime Schedule

9:00 AM – 2 PM – Wheeling and Dealing– the dealers’ room will be open to all

For questions and/or suggestions about our programming, please write to Ed Hulse at ed@pulpfest.com.


















We love working with 427 Designs. Their a full service design firm located in an old Acme Bread factory in Akron, Ohio. Last week we shared a blooper reel from when Liz & Dwayne were filming a video that will be released once our kickstarter campaign gets going in June.


Today we shared a video from 427 Designs that shows they’re serious about their branding!

Make sure to watch all the videos, follow 427 Designs on Twitter, like on Facebook & check out their site too!

Pulp Fiction in the Grass

by Alethea Andrews

It sounds like something out of a pulp novel, or an old pulp magazine: a girl gang on the streets of New York, playing hooky on hot summer afternoons to hang out in Central Park and lie half-naked on the grass reading tough crime stories and “dirty” books, prompting raised eyebrows from all the squares who spy them …

But this isn’t the fantasy of some Beat-era penny-a-word hack writer, it’s the very real book club a group of us created three summers ago.  We call it the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, and we’re proud to be blowing the cobwebs off some great reading material and classic artwork while also taking advantage of the 20-year-old legal ruling that says girls can go topless anywhere in the state of New York that guys can.

What’s that again?  Yes: women in New York are free to bare their breasts anywhere and anytime a man can.  Check out this New York Times article about it from just a couple of days ago.

But the fact that women can do it legally doesn’t mean that anyone ever does – it’s just too weird, too bold, too sexual, too…not done.

Until we came along.

Back in the sweltering summer of 2011, sweating under two layers of fabric (shirt, bra) while our male friends sunned and played Frisbee bare-chested, my friends and I decided to become outlaws, or the next best thing.  Being voracious readers, we decided our group would be a book club – and we chose pulp fiction as our genre because a) it’s great fun, b) it’s sexy and provocative,  and c) the artwork tends to feature beautiful rendered illustrations of women wearing as little as we planned to have on.  We carried some classic 25-cent paperbacks and some newer titles from the great modern pulp imprint Hard Case Crime to the middle of Central Park and, in a crowd of hundreds, proudly whipped off our tops.

Pulp in the Grass

Did police whistles blow? No; not even wolf whistles did.  New Yorkers are a jaded bunch, or like to appear so, and mostly people passed by us with only the smallest of double-takes and smiles.  But it’s not like no one’s taken notice since.  The Daily News wrote us up, and so did the Village Voice and New York magazine and Cosmopolitan — and a couple hundred websites.  Our blog, which features photos of us reading sans brassiere, has been visited more than 3 million times.  (Sorry, mom and dad…) And we’ve gotten to read some delicious works of pulp fiction that made our pulse race even faster than taking our shirts off in front of 3 million strangers did.

We even got to meet some hardcore book and art collectors, who gave us a chance to explore their private collections: signed books by Raymond Chandler; original paintings from some of the old-time books we read.  It was a privilege to pose with them and we’re delighted to share some of those photos with you.

Pulp Fiction in the Grass Pulp Fiction in the Grass

We’re very proud to be striking a blow for equality and against body-shame – but we’re just as proud to be bringing some much deserved attention back to a type of storytelling (both textual and visual) that too few people these days know and appreciate.

Brilliant books, beautiful women, not too many clothes.  What more could anyone want?

Our Unbiased Opinion: Disability and Ability in Science Fiction

This is extremely interesting-Disablity and Science Fiction’s possibilities. Hey Jules Verne’s fiction has swiftly turned into a reality. Why not other things?

Lara And The Reel Boy

In my classroom this past semester, we’d been talking about Nancy Farmer’s The Ear, the Eye and the Arm, and I was really nervous about being observed for the first time – as a student I never had to deal with evaluations & I’ve literally never been in a teaching situation before now. My students were probably the best they’ve ever been this week though with thoughtful discussion and full engagement with the text. I am so glad they picked this week to make me look good (but really it’s all their doing).


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Full Trailer – The Wolverine (2013)

Wolverine Yahoo! This summer is really kicking off!

The Galactic Pillow

Although the first X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not well received either by fans or by critics there was no doubt that 20th Century Fox would keep trying considering the popularity of the character and of the series.  I have to admit that the previous two trailers for director James Mangold’s The Wolverine were totally underwhelming but at least this third trailer has more of a pulse.

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Pulpies Unite

Pulp Images is counting down the days. We have a really awesome lineup this week on our Social media sites. They include more pictures, bloopers, laughs, and sorrows. If you love pulp images as much as we do then it’s all going to go swimmingly!

Check us out asap.


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