Pulp Images Is Pleased to Use Oleg


We have been trying to seek out the best CAD artists of the day so that they can help us to preserve thousands of digital images. How? Well, in June 2013 we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign. This campaign will give us the funding that we need to get the money we need to start the campaign. How can you help?

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As we were saying Oleg is awesome, he hails from the heart of Russian, St. Petersburg. The area where art and snow are synonymous. What he has done is taken out images of the rockets for our backers and created them. They are almost ready for you.

How can you get one?

Simply take the incentive option on the Kickstarter campaign.

Looking forward to having you as a future backer.


3 thoughts on “Pulp Images Is Pleased to Use Oleg

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