Pulps: nostaglia for some, something new for others

For a lot of people, pulp art and pulp magazine might be nostalgic. Younger generations and generations of the future might not have the luxury of having a nostalgic feeling about pulps though if they’re not preserved.

But youngsters not having pulps is the worst case scenerio, so let’s not dwell too long on that. Let’s be optimistic for our future generations if pulps are preserved.
Imagine, in a new digital future, pulps aren’t some old nostalgic relic, but something new and current. Easily accessible.

Kids are growing up with technology at their fingertips. Let’s give them the same access to pulp art.

If you follow us on any of our other social media sites, you might have noticed we had a lot of postings geared towards kids. Not that grown-ups can’t get some usage out of the links too.
Take a moment to look into the different sites and help the kids in your life ease into the new digital age & hopefully usher in a new generation of pulp.

Fun Apps for Kids!

Tips for scifi writing (for kids!)


One thought on “Pulps: nostaglia for some, something new for others

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