Pulp Images Introductions

A few days ago we introduced the new website for Pulp Images.

So following suite, here at the Pulp Images blog, we’d like to take a moment and make a few more introductions.
Meet a few members of our crew (though there’s plenty more)!

Dwayne Kiefer


Dwayne Kiefer has been with NASA as a contractor going on his 21st year.  Dwayne has worked on many teams that has flown numerous items in space.  As a surprise to even him, he has won numerous (and some prestigious) awards.  He is one of the workhorses behind all of the pulpimages activities.  If you like our metal fulfillment items, thank Dwayne!  He is the guy that does not sleep and when he does…he dreams of pulp women 🙂

Liz Gray


Hi, I’m Liz, and I’ve worked as a contractor at NASA for going on 19 years now. I still love the space industry and all things scifi. When we started this project I went through all the images we had at the time to pick my favorites and had to stop when it got into the hundreds. Each picture is more amazing than the last. I’m very excited to bring this collection to the public!

Colette Davis


Hello everyone, I’m Colette Davis and I am pleased to be a member of this excellent team. I work with Helen posting awesome content. Love the work!
Helen Dauka
I make up half of the social media crew for Pulp Images. Based in Northeast Ohio, I’m pumped to have a cool pulp project happening HERE in our area to share with the world!
We’re also working some awesome artists and a lot more people. More to come on them soon 🙂

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