Aliens and Pulp Images First Contact

Colorful and rich, the early pulp art covers were made to be drooled on. Pulp did not come to this world immaculately however, in fact it took a long time to get people into the art and science fiction world.

Science fiction books came to life in the 1920s and goes all the way to 1955.

The beginnings of Pulp

In the early beginnings of Pulp, people used books as a form of entertainment.What we call a magazine today was actually  referred to as a newspaper in the later 19th century. Basically, they were large and long sheets of paper, jam packed with information on the front and back. After printing technology stepped up they began to bind the papers into a format we recognize today as a magazine.

From 1820-1900, a period characterized as Victorian aesthetics, newspapers were filled with scrolls, illustrations and more. Color was too expensive to be mass produced so largely everything was black and white.

Scientific America was begun in the late 19th century and is still alive and kicking today.The covers of this magazine still looked like a newspaper for years until about 1900.



Those who bought scientific american were exposed to ravishing concepts.



Yes, they were able to think of the future’s horseless carriages and more.

Authors like Jules Verne From the Earth To The Moon c.1874 was filled with illustartions. It can actually be credited with early pulp images. Check out the interior pictures.



The images were created with pen and ink. In this case black in is built up over the page or by scratch board.



Soon after came something call America’s novels and with it the first image of a robot.



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So why did people buy this? Well the steam man for one was a huge draw! People liked the idea of a mechanical man of the future.

Then as the progression of the ages ensued we begin to see monsters, damsels in distress and ALIENS!!!




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