The Time Machine: A Look At The Fascination

Ahh, The Time Machine, a legend in Science fiction and pulp art.

In 1895, HG Well’s released the novel the Time Machine. It was amazing, the idea that human beings could breach the veil to outer space was unbelievable, yet entertaining.  In the story a scientist successfully travels forward thorugh time. He moves past atomic bombs, and human destruction and eventually finds a primevil state of being in the future. In this time the Morelocks and the Eloi live in a strange separation. The Eloi are innocent, look like a human but are not as aware as a human from the 1890s. The Morelocks were humans who chose to live underground.

It’s filled with adventure, a girl in distress and a man who has to decide what time he wants to live in. There were two movies made, but the 1960’s verision is really our favoirte.

Here are some pulp cover art all based on time machines

6403563_f520 time-machine-DVDcover

And one more thing: Supposedly Time Travel has already happened.

Video shot from the 1930s


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