Wonder What the $25,000 Kickstarter Budget is going to do?


Kickstarter (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

If you are like some people, you might be wondering why we need $25,000. We need it to compensate for the campaign pre-kickstarter and post-kickstarter money that we have put out.

That amounts to about $12,500 and then from there we have to pay for the digitally scanned images, the pricey lawyer that advises us on copyright issues and of course the price to maintain social media and marketing campaigns.

We hope that people will want to see our finished idea.

It’s something that we have worked years for. We know that you might be confused as to what the website will be like when we are done. Don’t be. We will have a free site, meaning you can get on there and look it over, scroll and research. But we will request a fee for digital downloads.

Pulpimages.com right now is only a site that is sitting still, waiting for the day that we make that Kickstarter  campaign goal.

We encourage you to fund us today. Kickstarter is a 50/50 chance, and we have hope that even though we have 9 days left, we might make it. When you share our goals with your comic lover, pulp lover or history lover friends-we know that you are thinking of us. We want to be able to save this great treasure inside and out.


So if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. If you want to help, contact us! Share us and like us today!


The Reality of What Orson Wells Did

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War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells was a phenomenal hit. But, what really made it part of the 20th century’s collective conscious was the radio broadcast that aired in October of 1938. What it did was cause widespread panic.

How did PEOPLE panic?

Some called their local police, so much so that the lines were flooded. Others ran outside with rags on thier head fearing a gas explosion from the monsters attack and still others committed suicide.


Here is a clip from the 2005 Tom Cruise War of the Worlds

The 1953 War of the Worlds Trailer

Now the 1938 Broadcast that caused the Panic!!

NPR Recounts the effects Orson Wells and Mercury Theater had on the 6 million listeners, 1 million believed that they were hearing actual reports.

ATT&T Operators Tell it All

Now for something really scary:

Is this the sound of the monsters from War of the Worlds or what? Supposed real sounds from around the world coming from the sky!