Pulp History: The Newsstand


Check out these amazing images of people from the Great Depression buying and reading Pulp! Our Kickstarter campaign could use your funding to help preserve these wonderful images.


Thanks to the federal government we have access to these images. Can you see the pulp art in any of them?



3612-sioux-city-150x150 0301-magazine-stand-150x150 London pulp-newsstand3403-madison-square-park-150x1501306-new-york-150x150 2003-washington-dc-150x150new-york-rack-3211


We love working with 427 Designs. Their a full service design firm located in an old Acme Bread factory in Akron, Ohio. Last week we shared a blooper reel from when Liz & Dwayne were filming a video that will be released once our kickstarter campaign gets going in June.


Today we shared a video from 427 Designs that shows they’re serious about their branding!

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