Pulp Images Our Long Journey To Kickstarter


It’s been three months since we started the Kickstarter journey. We have worked tirelessly to promote the campaign on our Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest and Google Plus page. During this time we have been engaging you daily with photo’s and funny pictures. It’s been 80 plus years in the making,it is about time! It’s invested and sealed and at this point we can finally say we have made it to Kickstarter and passed with flying colors.

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It’s something that we pride ourselves in, the ability to surpass all obstacles and get to that picture up there. But we aren’t done yet we need to make the money. Our goal is $25000 dollars right now we have $615.00. There is more groundwork needed here and we are working on it.


Pulp Images started with a dream, a dream to see Pulp Images from the recesses of time brought back to life. Think about how many people ready these things. Don’t you wish you had a time machine that allowed you to go back thorugh history so that you could see pulp images from the past? Well,young traveler don’t wonder and wish any more!

pulp imagery

pulp imagery (Photo credit: PinkMoose)

We finally were able to do it. We were able to take an idea like that and pull it from that old chest and wipe the dust off to give you PULP. We would love to have you invest in our wonderful campaign on Kickstarter today. For only a $1.00 you too can become an robot backer. It’s only a $1.00, serously.


But, besides the lowest incentive we have many other backer options. We can give you a t-shirt, a fantastic piece of pulp art and more.Sorry, all flights to mars have already been booked!  If you are an artist, graphic designer, or simply a pulp lover like us then you want to be invested in this deal. We want to show you that Pulp Images deserve a place in our modern world.


Today’ we want you to go to our Kickstarter campaign and tell us what you think. Do you like it? What’s your opinion of pulp?


Let us have it people!


Kickstarter (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

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English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)