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You’ve been with us since April & we’ve been keeping you posted on the time leading up to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. Now is the time we need you to take some action & help fund our dreams to keep pulp art alive! Hopefully you’ve liked us on Facebook by now. But maybe you’re a little unsure of what’s the next step or what this whole Kickstarter thing is about.

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For those of you who know what Kickstarter is, you know how important your support is.  If you’re new to Kickstarter, it is an innovative way to fund creative projects in art, theater, technology, photography, film, video, food, the list goes on.
Thanks for following us this far, no matter which platform you use, but we really need you on Kickstarter.  A pledge of as low as $1 will keep you in the loop with our updates and let you know exactly what is going on and where we are headed.  We are continuing to work hard to bring our searchable Pulpimages database to life and need your help on Kickstarter to make it happen!


Joining us
You’ll need a Kickstarter account, it’s easy, just back the project and follow the prompts.  All financial transactions are securely handled through Amazon.  If you don’t have an account, it will take an extra minute to enter your credit card and address info.  You won’t be charged until our project is successful!


Pulp Images: The Way We Were




English: Cover of the pulp magazine Weird Tale...

English: Cover of the pulp magazine Weird Tales (May 1929, vol. 13, no. 5) featuring The Scourge of B’Moth by Bertram Russell. Cover art by C. C. Senf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A long, long time ago in a galaxy not incredibly far away there were a team of supercell scientists. They decided that one day after working hard, they would uncover all of the pulp art from times past and then save it. Not just any type of art, Pulp Art, or as they came to call it Pulp Images.

English: The NASA insignia. Español: Insignia ...

English: The NASA insignia. Español: Insignia de la NASA. Italiano: Logo della NASA. Русский: Логотип НАСА. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So these scientists in the real world are actually NASA engineers, based in Ohio. For years, we have been grabbing pulp images from the past and  making them into something that you can see. You know a digital image. The process is known as digital preservation, a modern response to the rapid deterioration of our pulp art, documents and more. We wanted to collect aliens, feme fatales, robot men from outer space, and more.

So far we have scanned over 20,000 images! That’ s just in our off time. The cover art comes from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Then we became intrigued with another part of preserving. That is, we wanted to not only preserve the front cover images, but the inside pulp as well. The inside drawings are black and white, most other sites and preservationists, ignore those. But we felt that they were also important. So that’s what makes our Pulp Images preservation company different we wanted to save the entire collection of images inside and out!

A lot of these had wear and tear, and were rapidly deteriorating. So using our savvy, we removed the damage. Right now we are focusing on Science fiction, but we want to get those western prints and others as well. We are not limiting ourselves on this.

English: Cover of the pulp magazine Weird Tale...

English: Cover of the pulp magazine Weird Tales (May 1941, vol. 35, no. 9) featuring There Are Such Things by Seabury Quinn. Cover art by Hannes Bok. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay here comes the important part, now you know how we began-a bunch of NASA people working on saving what we loved, now we want you to be a part of it all.

So how can you be a part of it? Simple: Go to our Kickstarter campaign pledge$1.00 or more (wink*) and help us raise $25,000 so that we  can pay for the restorations and preservation of these pieces.

Also, while you are at it- Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Find us on Pinterest and Visit our Google + page!



The Figurine

Plans for the figurine are taking shape… LITERALLY! It all started with a pulp image and one 3D artist, Grego. We just got pictures of the prototype and we don’t want to jinx it, but it looks AWESOME!


This little guy will be available in his finished form for backers of our Kickstarter campaign who back us at the $35 level. This 3D 3inch cast resin figurine comes from a Startling Stories poster and is brought to life by Grego. Along with the figurine, you’ll also be at Alien at Alien Status and get three digital images.

Father’s Day Countdown!

The countdown is on. Only five days until it’s time to show your dad the appreciation & love he deserves.

You haven’t gotten your dad anything yet for Father’s Day?!
Don’t fret too much, you still have five days to figure out, but here at Pulp Images, we have a few ideas of what you can get your pops.

Become a backer for the Pulp Images Kickstarter campaign! Let him know that you’ve pledged to support our campaign and that in a few weeks when it wraps up, he’ll be the proud owner of a piece of pulp history.

So take a look at our Kickstarter Page for fabulous gift ideas. Here’s the general breakdown of what we can offer:

Pledge $1 or more get ROBOT Status. That mean’s your dad’s name can be on the Wall of Robots on!

Pledge $5 get a DIGITAL IMAGE

Pledge $12 or more Production poster: Receive one 18”x24”, full-color, production printed GALAXY poster embossed with the official PulpImages logo. + ROBOT Status + (Our thank you) 1 image (150 ppi) of your choice when catalog goes live (Jan 2014).

Pledge $20 and get an awesome tee designed by Grego! (seriously, help your dad out, give him some stylish duds).


Pulp History: The Newsstand


Check out these amazing images of people from the Great Depression buying and reading Pulp! Our Kickstarter campaign could use your funding to help preserve these wonderful images.


Thanks to the federal government we have access to these images. Can you see the pulp art in any of them?



3612-sioux-city-150x150 0301-magazine-stand-150x150 London pulp-newsstand3403-madison-square-park-150x1501306-new-york-150x150 2003-washington-dc-150x150new-york-rack-3211

We love working with 427 Designs. Their a full service design firm located in an old Acme Bread factory in Akron, Ohio. Last week we shared a blooper reel from when Liz & Dwayne were filming a video that will be released once our kickstarter campaign gets going in June.


Today we shared a video from 427 Designs that shows they’re serious about their branding!

Make sure to watch all the videos, follow 427 Designs on Twitter, like on Facebook & check out their site too!