Pulp Images Saving Science Fiction Robots One Damsel At A Time

A team of 5 NASA scientists bring their out of this world Savvy to saving American Pulp


Akron, OHIO- Pulp Images is gearing up on Kickstarter to preserve over 20,000 images from Pulp history. The group hopes to preserve not only the colored images, but also the inside cover of  black and white images as well. They have recently launched their Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 in order to fund a website, and digitally scan these images as well as restore them.


Pulp Images was created by a group of NASA engineers who have always had an affinity for science fiction pulp. The history of pulp has been rooted in Jules Vern, a legendary author and in the early magazines of the twentieth century. Pulp art is the illustrations from magazine covers published from the 1890’s to the 1960’s. These covers are slowly fading into history, and because of that the group was formed to save them.


Pulp images has been devoting years to this project, and have so far scanned many images on their own. With the use of Kickstarter, the company plans to start a new phase in the preservation of these important pieces of Americana.


Most Kickstarter campaigns operate under an all or nothing idea, so if Pulpimages.com doesn’t reach their goal of $25,000 the preservation will be stopped. To follow their project find them on Twitter (@Pulpimages) and Facebook.com/Pulpimages and spread the word on your social media networks. Consider trying to donate as little as $1 to start the project. If you want to donate more, you can be the first among your friends to be featured on a actual cover from Pulp Americana.



If you would like more information about Pulpimages.com Kickstarter project or to schedule an interview email Coletted1980@gmail.com or tweet @pulpimages.




Aliens and Pulp Images First Contact

Colorful and rich, the early pulp art covers were made to be drooled on. Pulp did not come to this world immaculately however, in fact it took a long time to get people into the art and science fiction world.

Science fiction books came to life in the 1920s and goes all the way to 1955.

The beginnings of Pulp

In the early beginnings of Pulp, people used books as a form of entertainment.What we call a magazine today was actually  referred to as a newspaper in the later 19th century. Basically, they were large and long sheets of paper, jam packed with information on the front and back. After printing technology stepped up they began to bind the papers into a format we recognize today as a magazine.

From 1820-1900, a period characterized as Victorian aesthetics, newspapers were filled with scrolls, illustrations and more. Color was too expensive to be mass produced so largely everything was black and white.

Scientific America was begun in the late 19th century and is still alive and kicking today.The covers of this magazine still looked like a newspaper for years until about 1900.



Those who bought scientific american were exposed to ravishing concepts.



Yes, they were able to think of the future’s horseless carriages and more.

Authors like Jules Verne From the Earth To The Moon c.1874 was filled with illustartions. It can actually be credited with early pulp images. Check out the interior pictures.



The images were created with pen and ink. In this case black in is built up over the page or by scratch board.



Soon after came something call America’s novels and with it the first image of a robot.



Don’t forget you can become a robot on our Kickstarter campaign for just a $1.00!

So why did people buy this? Well the steam man for one was a huge draw! People liked the idea of a mechanical man of the future.

Then as the progression of the ages ensued we begin to see monsters, damsels in distress and ALIENS!!!




Check out Science Wonder Storiesku-medium-1


Father’s Day Countdown!

The countdown is on. Only five days until it’s time to show your dad the appreciation & love he deserves.

You haven’t gotten your dad anything yet for Father’s Day?!
Don’t fret too much, you still have five days to figure out, but here at Pulp Images, we have a few ideas of what you can get your pops.

Become a backer for the Pulp Images Kickstarter campaign! Let him know that you’ve pledged to support our campaign and that in a few weeks when it wraps up, he’ll be the proud owner of a piece of pulp history.

So take a look at our Kickstarter Page for fabulous gift ideas. Here’s the general breakdown of what we can offer:

Pledge $1 or more get ROBOT Status. That mean’s your dad’s name can be on the Wall of Robots on Pulpimages.com!

Pledge $5 get a DIGITAL IMAGE

Pledge $12 or more Production poster: Receive one 18”x24”, full-color, production printed GALAXY poster embossed with the official PulpImages logo. + ROBOT Status + (Our thank you) 1 image (150 ppi) of your choice when catalog goes live (Jan 2014).

Pledge $20 and get an awesome tee designed by Grego! (seriously, help your dad out, give him some stylish duds).


Pulp History: The Newsstand


Check out these amazing images of people from the Great Depression buying and reading Pulp! Our Kickstarter campaign could use your funding to help preserve these wonderful images.


Thanks to the federal government we have access to these images. Can you see the pulp art in any of them?



3612-sioux-city-150x150 0301-magazine-stand-150x150 London pulp-newsstand3403-madison-square-park-150x1501306-new-york-150x150 2003-washington-dc-150x150new-york-rack-3211

Pulp Images Our Long Journey To Kickstarter


It’s been three months since we started the Kickstarter journey. We have worked tirelessly to promote the campaign on our Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest and Google Plus page. During this time we have been engaging you daily with photo’s and funny pictures. It’s been 80 plus years in the making,it is about time! It’s invested and sealed and at this point we can finally say we have made it to Kickstarter and passed with flying colors.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

It’s something that we pride ourselves in, the ability to surpass all obstacles and get to that picture up there. But we aren’t done yet we need to make the money. Our goal is $25000 dollars right now we have $615.00. There is more groundwork needed here and we are working on it.


Pulp Images started with a dream, a dream to see Pulp Images from the recesses of time brought back to life. Think about how many people ready these things. Don’t you wish you had a time machine that allowed you to go back thorugh history so that you could see pulp images from the past? Well,young traveler don’t wonder and wish any more!

pulp imagery

pulp imagery (Photo credit: PinkMoose)

We finally were able to do it. We were able to take an idea like that and pull it from that old chest and wipe the dust off to give you PULP. We would love to have you invest in our wonderful campaign on Kickstarter today. For only a $1.00 you too can become an robot backer. It’s only a $1.00, serously.


But, besides the lowest incentive we have many other backer options. We can give you a t-shirt, a fantastic piece of pulp art and more.Sorry, all flights to mars have already been booked!  If you are an artist, graphic designer, or simply a pulp lover like us then you want to be invested in this deal. We want to show you that Pulp Images deserve a place in our modern world.


Today’ we want you to go to our Kickstarter campaign and tell us what you think. Do you like it? What’s your opinion of pulp?


Let us have it people!


Kickstarter (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Contests on Facebook Win PULP!!!

Pulp Images is so dedicated toward getting the word out about our awesome campaign that we have created a Facebook contest. The first of many we hope-that is until our launch in June.

What do you win?

A full scale pulp image cover from our arsenals. It’s really awesome and yours for the taking. People pay for these and we are giving the full source to you for free.

What do you have to do?

Well, like us on Facebook first.

Then you can increase your chances by following our blog, Twitter page and Pinterest .

Winner will be draw at random on Tuesday and announced on Wednesday via our Facebook site. 

Good Luck . Astounding1-2.1